Thursday, February 01, 2007

What is Jim Lehrer reading?

Jim Lehrer--journalist, novelist, political debate moderator, and contributer to the blog's Page 69 series--recently talked to the Christian Science Monitor about what he was listening to and viewing for entertainment.

And reading:
I just finished The Road, by Cormac McCarthy and Mayflower [by Nathaniel Philbrick]. And I'm in the process of finishing an old-fashioned potboiler by Stuart Woods called Dark Harbor. It's kind of a spy novel. I tend to alternate.... [McCarthy's] a beautiful writer. [His book] is about as dark as it gets, but the way he arranges words is just stunning to me. [For history] I'm a big David McCullough, Joe Ellis fan, and Ron Chernow.... I'm not big on historical novels, [but E.L.] Doctorow's The March was a fabulous piece of historical fiction. And also the Philip Roth book, The Plot Against America.
See what Lehrer is listening to and viewing on screens large and small, and read more about his latest novel, The Phony Marine.

--Marshal Zeringue