Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jesse Kellerman's "Trouble"

Jesse Kellerman's new novel, Trouble, was featured yesterday over at The Page 69 Test.

Among the praise for Trouble:
[M]any perverse diversions and delights... unnerving... psychologically complex.... That Kellerman maintains such a grimly hilarious perspective on his subject is its own twisted tribute to the survival instincts of writers who go down to the depths to entertain their readers.
-New York Times Book Review

With a nerve-jangling creepiness rising out of well-drawn, absorbing characters, "Trouble" has a lot to say to 21st century readers about the gray zone where heroes become villains, victims turn aggressive and love and violence are different sides of the same coin. That these issues are being raised by a young writer more than a little familiar with mysteries... only adds to the fun of watching him deconstruct the myths and stereotypes of the genre and serve them up as something disturbingly and deliciously different, altogether perfect for our times.
-Los Angeles Times

Kellerman...shows that his impressive debut, Sunstroke, was no fluke with this gripping psychological page-turner that echoes the best of Hitchcock.... Kellerman artfully conveys [a] descent into near madness, making the step-by-step degradation of a decent man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time plausible and chilling.
-Publishers Weekly (starred review)

A shivery psychological thriller...the talented Kellerman travels to Ruth Rendell country, and the bet here is that you won't have read a more nightmarish novel all year.
-Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
Read an excerpt from Trouble.

Visit Jesse's official website.

--Marshal Zeringue