Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sam Reaves' "Homicide 69"

Sam Reaves put his most recent novel, Homicide 69, to The Page 69 Test.

Among the early praise for Homicide 69:
This is the best journey into a cop's life I've read in a long time. Homicide 69 is so real you'll swear you've got a ringside seat inside the soul of the Chicago PD. The pace is heart-pounding, the story is heart-rending. Absolutely wonderful.
--Ed Dee retired NYPD Lt, author of The Con Man's Daughter

Homicide 69 is broad-shouldered and ambitious, the big Chicago crime novel we’ve been waiting for. A remarkable piece of work from Sam Reaves.
--George Pelecanos

Homicide 69 is a terrific novel, very well-written.
--Gloria Feit, Mystery Morgue
Sam was president of the Midwest Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America from 2001 to 2003. He has published eight novels prior to Homicide 69, five as Sam Reaves and three as Dominic Martell.

Visit Sam Reaves' official website.

Check out how well the Page 69 Test served Homicide 69.

--Marshal Zeringue