Monday, February 26, 2007

"Petropolis," the movie

Anya Ulinich offered some thoughts about the hypothetical film version of her new book, Petropolis.

Before clicking over, trying thinking of the actor who should play Anya's protagonist:
Sasha Goldberg is a biracial, Jewish, socially maladjusted "child of the intelligentsia" from the Siberian town Asbestos 2. Sasha's father takes off for the U.S., leaving Sasha to navigate adolescence under the shadow of her overbearing mother. At fourteen, Sasha falls in love with an art school dropout who lives in a concrete half-pipe in the town's dump. When following her heart gets her into trouble at home, Sasha leaves Russia as a mail-order bride and, with the help of the Kupid's Korner Agency, lands in suburban Arizona. Soon, she escapes her Red Lobster- loving fiance and embarks on a misadventure-filled journey across America in search of her father.
Check out the story over at the My Book, The Movie site.

--Marshal Zeringue