Monday, February 05, 2007

Free book: "Red Cat"

I read Peter Spiegelman's Red Cat and I loved it.

Now's your chance to own my like-new copy of the book.

A few simple steps to qualify:
  • Email me at red-cat-book[you know what sign to put here]*
  • In the subject line, paste the opening line (or as much of it as your email program allows) from my review of the book.
  • Put your name and your shipping address in the body of the message. (Only U.S. addresses are eligible.)
The winner will be determined by the score of the NFL Pro Bowl, scheduled for Saturday, February 10th. (Finally, the game will serve a purpose.)

The book will go to the entrant whose email arrived in the queue in the place that corresponds with the sum of the final scores. Thus, if the final score of the game is 38 - 27, the sender of the 65th entry gets the book.

But here's a reason to enter early: if there aren't as many entries as the sum of the final score, then the winner will be determined by the difference in the scores; thus, if the final score of the game is 38 - 27, the sender of the 11th entry gets the book.

If neither scenario delivers a winning entry--say, a 50 - 50 tie--the book goes to the entry corresponding to, or closest to, the AFC team's score at the end of the first quarter. (No, I don't know if the Pro Bowl can end in a tie, and I don't want to know.)

Please, only one entry per person. If you want to enter your youngster--I'm looking at you, Max Guilfoile--please use his or her own email account.

*I will not spam you or sell or give away any of the information you send me; in fact, after the contest closes I'm deleting the contest email account.

--Marshal Zeringue