Friday, February 02, 2007

Chalmers Johnson's "Nemesis"

Over at TPM Cafe, an adjunct of the Talking Points Memo blog, Chalmers Johnson has posted an essay on the themes covered in his new book, Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic.

Anyone seriously interested in America's future and its place in the world should read the essay.

Johnson has also responded to readers who commented on the essay and, if I read the site correctly, will entertain more dialogue in the coming days.

Johnson is a first-rate scholar whose work I first became familiar with years ago when I was doing academic research on the political economy of Japanese national security. The man is very smart and fearless and, while he sometimes writes like a very bold pundit, he has the facts and research to sustain his arguments.

You may disagree with what he has to say, but you had better come well prepared for a debate with him.

Read the essay at TPM Cafe and Chapter One of Nemesis.

--Marshal Zeringue