Monday, February 19, 2007

Page 69 is migrating

The Page 69 Series is getting awfully large and starting to crowd out some of the other postings on the blog. So I gave it a home of its own.

There will still be a link here at the CftAR -- look to the right column --and I plan to alert readers here when a new item goes up on the new blog.

Also, the new blog will have a continually updated list of all entries. This tactic may be bad news for those who read the blog using a feed -- it means an email for every new list -- but at least there won't be a very long list of all the books in the series at the bottom of every entry.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to making the series so successful, and thanks for reading.

The latest entry in the series: David Shenks, The Immortal Game.

--Marshal Zeringue