Friday, February 05, 2021

Seven great thrillers featuring communal living

Alison Wisdom's new novel We Can Only Save Ourselves "follows the disappearance and radicalization of one 'perfect' teenage girl, told from the perspective of the town she left behind."

At CrimeReads, Wisdom tagged seven great reads about communal living, including:
The Likeness by Tana French

Here is another big old house with lots of secrets, but here, French allows us to see its inhabitants from both an insider and outsider’s point of view, managing to both invite us in and keep us wary of everyone we meet, as Detective Cassie Maddox goes undercover to solve the murder of a girl who lived in the house—a girl who looked just like her and went by the name Cassie herself once used as an alias, Lexie Madison. Cassie, who has long searched for a place to belong, finds herself both on guard amidst her new roommates but also drawn into the insular, intimate world they’ve created for themselves. But soon the closeness, both emotionally and physically, takes a toll on them all as Cassie gets closer to uncovering who killed Lexie and why—and as her housemates begin to suspect something isn’t quite right with “Lexie.”
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The Likeness is among Christopher Louis Romaguera's nine books about mistaken identity and Simon Lelic's top ten false identities in fiction.

--Marshal Zeringue