Monday, February 08, 2021

Eleven top thrillers set in toxic workplaces

Amy Gentry is the author of the feminist thrillers Good as Gone, Last Woman Standing, and Bad Habits, as well as Boys for Pele, a book of music criticism in the 33 1/3 series.

At Electric Lit she tagged eleven favorite thrillers set in toxic workplaces, including:
Wall Street Bank: The Escape Room by Megan Goldin

Is an all-day meeting your personal version of hell? Try a team-building exercise where you get trapped in an elevator with backstabbing colleagues, and your only goal is to make it out alive. Goldin’s full-throttle locked-room thriller has a grabby premise, but it’s the depictions of the cult of rampant, amoral greed at a top Wall Street firm that make this book compulsively readable.
Read about another entry on the list.

The Page 69 Test: The Escape Room.

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--Marshal Zeringue