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Bryan Reardon's "Let Her Lie," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: Let Her Lie: A Novel by Bryan Reardon.

The entry begins:
In Let Her Lie, Theo Snyder once tasted the kind of fame most of us crave. His true crime documentary went viral and he soaked up the attention. Until it all turned, and he found himself embroiled in a lurid scandal. To reclaim his career, to turn his infamy back to fame, he decides to do his next film on the most notorious serial killer in recent history, Jasper Ross-Johnson, known as the Halo Killer. When he uncovers a connection between Jasper and a young woman named Miracle, it is almost as if his story writes itself. But when the Halo Killer escapes from prison and Theo finds himself on the run, discovering the ending of his film becomes a matter of life and death.

As you can imagine, with a plot like that, I certainly had movies on the mind. In fact, the structure of Let Her Lie revolves around Theo's filmmaking process. Often, I let my mind drift, trying to imagine who could play my characters on screen. And here's what I came up with:

Who is Miracle Jones?

Miracle is something of a local celebrity. As a newborn, she was abandoned in a restroom at a coastal State park. She survived four days before an angler found her. Her traumatic beginnings certainly left scars, both inside and out.

Who could play Miracle?

Mila Kunis – I definitely pictured her as I wrote. Miracle has an intensity to her expression, the kind of eyes that can make someone sweat. And her sharp edges hide a vulnerable soul.

Who is Zora Monroe?

Zora is the most respected investigator in the documentary world. All the major filmmakers have used her. And most secretly attribute much of their success to her work. She can find anyone and anything. That kind of expertise brings with it an expected aloofness. That, or maybe she's hiding something.

Who could play Zora?

This one was the easiest. Zora is...[read on]
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