Monday, January 25, 2010

What is Daniel Nester reading?

The current featured contributor at Writers Read: Daniel Nester, author of the recently published How to Be Inappropriate, a collection of humorous nonfiction.

His entry begins:
I usually have a stack of books next to my bed, and I switch back and forth among them depending on mood and how sleepy I am. I just finished reading Michael Martone's Racing in Place: Collages, Fragments, Postcards, Ruins, and it's super. To me, it strikes an artful balance between what Aldous Huxley calls the "three-poled frame of reference" of great essays: the objective/factual/concrete-particular, the abstract-universal, and the personal/autobiographical.

Then there's...[read on]
Daniel Nester is a journalist, essayist, poet, editor, and teacher.

His first two books, God Save My Queen (Soft Skull Press, 2003) and God Save My Queen II (2004), are collections on his obsession with the rock band Queen. His third, The History of My World Tonight (BlazeVOX, 2006), is a collection of poems.

Nester's latest book, How to Be Inappropriate, a collection of humorous nonfiction, was recently published by Soft Skull Press.

Among the praise for How to Be Inappropriate:
A "deeply funny new collection of booger-flecked nonfiction"
--Time Out New York

"His stories are, as the title suggests, inappropriate, and they often engender squeamishness, discomfort, and laughter. But they are fresh and, at times, touching, qualities that make this an enjoyable read."
--Library Journal

"One of the year's funniest books."
--Largehearted Boy
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Writers Read: Daniel Nester.

--Marshal Zeringue