Monday, January 04, 2010

Coffee with a canine: Diane Stuckart & Ranger, Delta, Oliver and Paprika

The current featured pack at Coffee with a Canine: Diane Stuckart & Ranger, Delta, Oliver and Paprika.

Stuckart, on how the dogs were united with her:
Ranger and his sister, Delta (also an Iggy), came from a breeder in Oklahoma. Ranger was supposed to be my dog after my sweet white German shepherd, Aspen, died, but Ranger bonded more with my husband, Gerry. We had to go get Delta so that I'd have my very own Iggy. Oliver, our Australian shepherd, is three years old and is a rescue dog. Our friend Shelby took home a mama Aussie and her four 2-week-old pups from some woman trying to sell the little guys in a garage sale! She raised them in her condo until they were old enough to be adopted out, and then we brought Ollie home with us. Since he didn't go through the usual tail bobbing, he's an "Aussie with a Tail" which makes him look almost like a different breed. Paprika--or Rika Red Rocket, as we call her--is another rescue dog also three years old. She originally was sold in a pet shop as a miniature pinscher, but we're pretty sure she's half dachshund. We're her third home, and she's with... [read on]
Diane A. S. Stuckart has put her degree in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma to use as a yoga teacher, biker chick, purchasing agent, farm girl, and martial artist.

She has published several critically acclaimed historical romances written as Alexa Smart and Anna Gerard, as well as numerous works of short fiction and fantasy under her own name.

Visit Diane A.S. Stuckart's website, and learn more about her latest novel, A Bolt from the Blue, the 3rd Leonardo da Vinci mystery.

View the video trailers for A Bolt from the Blue and Portrait of a Lady.

Read--Coffee with a Canine: Diane Stuckart & Ranger, Delta, Oliver and Paprika.

--Marshal Zeringue