Monday, January 18, 2010

Coffee with a canine: Angela & Laney

Today's featured duo at Coffee with a Canine: Angela aka "SciFiChick" and Laney.

Angela, on Laney's best quality:
Besides her cute, wrinkly face? She is great with people of all ages. My little niece takes Laney's leash and drags her all around the house, and Laney is a trooper. I've also taken her to a nursing home several time and she is great with the elderly as well. At the dog park, she'd much rather sit up on the bench and get attention from the human owners, rather than get down and play with the other dogs![read on]
"SciFiChick" is an active reader and reviewer of SciFi books: see what she read in 2009.

Learn much more about Laney at her blog, Adventures of a SuperPup, and visit Angela's website,

Read--Coffee with a Canine: Angela aka "SciFiChick" and Laney.

--Marshal Zeringue