Monday, December 24, 2018

What is Ann Howard Creel reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Ann Howard Creel, author of The River Widow.

Her entry begins:
I’ve recently discovered the writing of Megan Chance. Chance’s latest books are works of historical fiction with elements of the paranormal. Normally I’m not a fan of the paranormal in novels, but Chance’s writing is so strong I’m immediately pulled in as soon as I start reading.

My first Chance novel was A Drop of Ink, which features awesome historical atmosphere and tells a tale of misguided love. I’ve also read The Visitant, a novel I’ve recommended to anyone who likes a good ghost story. The story isn’t...[read on]
About The River Widow, from the publisher:
From the bestselling author of The Whiskey Sea comes a stirring novel of a young woman’s survival and liberation during the Great Depression.

In 1937, with flood waters approaching, Adah Branch accidentally kills her abusive husband, Lester, and surrenders his body to the raging river, only to be swept away herself.

So begins her story of survival, return to civilization, defense against accusations of murder, and the fight to save herself and her stepdaughter, Daisy, from the clutches of her husband’s notoriously cruel family, who have their sights set on revenge for Lester’s death. Essentially trapped, Adah must plan an escape.

But when she develops feelings for the one person essential to her plan’s success, she faces a painful choice: Will she choose to risk everything saving Daisy or take the new life offered by a loving man?
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