Thursday, December 06, 2018

Eight top books about female friendship

Jacqueline Mroz is the author of Scattered Seeds: In Search of Family and Identity in the Sperm Donor Generation.

At LitHub she tagged her eight favorite books about female friendship. One title on the list:
The Hot One: A Memoir of Friendship, Sex, and Murder, by Carolyn Murnick

Friendship breakups can happen in real life, too, as found in this 2017 memoir. In the book, the author recounts what happened to her best friend from childhood, Ashley. When the girls were young, they both felt like outsiders, but when they entered different high schools, they grew apart, and Ashley started hanging out with the fast crowd. She was the hot girl; sexually precocious and popular. After high school, she moved to Los Angeles, where she became a stripper and an escort, while Carolyn attended college. A few years later, Carolyn is shocked to find out that Ashley had died—stabbed to death at the age of 22. She travel to LA to find out what happened to her friend, and who killed her.
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--Marshal Zeringue