Thursday, December 06, 2018

Ten of the best Victorian Gothic novels

Laura Purcell is the author of The Silent Companions and The Corset. At CrimeReads she tagged ten favorite Victorian Gothic novels, including:
Emma Donoghue, The Wonder

Best known for the award-winning Room, Donoghue has also written a raft of dark and compulsive historical novels. This, her latest, follows veteran nurse Lib Wright to a small Irish village where a miracle has supposedly taken place. Lib’s new patient, Anna, has survived for months without food. She claims to be eating manna from heaven, but not everyone is convinced. While Lib tries to find a rational explanation for Anna’s predicament, she is caught in an atmosphere of hardship and religious fervour. Dealing with tough ethical choices, this is a claustrophobic read that tugs on the heartstrings.
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--Marshal Zeringue