Monday, December 24, 2018

The best stories to celebrate the magic of Christmas

Cressida Cowell is an English children’s author, best known for the novel series, How to Train Your Dragon.

At the Guardian she tagged some books for the season "to terrify and cheer – and even inspire a little kindness," including:
Six centuries after an unknown poet wrote down his story of Gawain and the Green Knight, I still feel a shiver of shock when Gawain chops off the Green Knight’s head and the knight reaches down and picks it up from the ground. From that moment, the clock is ticking for Gawain. In a year and a day’s time, the Green Knight will come back and Gawain will have to allow him one blow at his own neck in return. There’s a message in this extraordinary poem that could not be more relevant to modern times. Respect nature, poor humans. Be humble in the face of forces larger than yourself. Be kind, and who knows? The axe of the Green Knight may be merciful in return.
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--Marshal Zeringue