Sunday, December 30, 2018

Ten top spy thrillers featuring Russia versus the West

CrimeReads senior editor Dwyer Murphy tagged ten thrillers featuring Russia versus the West, including:
Alan Furst, Night Soldiers

Over the last 30 years, Furst has established himself as the towering figure of historical spy fiction. Night Soldiers is a portrait of the clash between Nazi Germany and the early Soviet state as they struggled for influence in Europe and the Eastern bloc. In Bulgaria, Soviet spies recruit a young man from named Khristo Stoianev. He’s shipped off to serve the cause in Spain, where the Civil War is raging and all the key international players are assembling. When Khristo’s name ends up on the wrong side of a purge coming to Moscow, he takes off for Paris and ultimately falls in with the Resistance. The settings are always intoxicating in Furst’s novels, nowhere more so than in Night Soldiers, which is brimming with life in a wildly tumultuous time.
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--Marshal Zeringue