Tuesday, March 01, 2016

What is David Handler reading?

Featured at Writers Read: David Handler, author of The Lavender Lane Lothario: A Berger and Mitry Mystery.

The entry begins:
I’m currently reading What Makes Sammy Run? This is Budd Schulberg’s landmark 1941 Hollywood novel about the meteoric rise of a brash, ruthless and utterly fascinating young New York City street urchin named Sammy Glick. I’ve read What Makes Sammy Run? many times and yet I still find myself drawn to this wonderful book every few years for the brilliance of Schulberg’s insights and for the sheer delight of reading it.

Budd Schulberg was a child of the movie business. His father, B.P. Schulberg, was one of its pioneering moguls. Budd was only in his 20s when he wrote the novel, his first, yet he understood the sad, desperate hunger of the Sammy Glicks of the business better than any writer has before or since. He would go on to write another very fine Hollywood novel, The Disenchanted, based upon his ill-fated, real life screenwriting collaboration with F. Scott Fitzgerald. He also wrote the screenplays for such remarkable films as On The Waterfront and A Face in the Crowd.

Yet What Makes Sammy Run? remains Budd Schulberg’s masterpiece.

The novel is timeless. I started...[read on]
About The Lavender Lane Lothario, from the publisher:
Every year, the Gant family performs an annual ritual desecrating the tomb of Aurora Bing. The Gants have held a grudge against the legendary silent film star for almost eighty years, but for Sherm Gant and his son, things have become personal. Aurora's only grandchild, Hubie Swope, has shut down Sherm's notoriously rowdy beachfront bar, and refuses to allow The Pit to reopen until Shem undertakes expensive upgrades. This means war. And when The Pit catches fire and Hubie Swope's charred remains are found in the rubble, it also means murder.

Who killed Hubie Swope? Crime-fighting duo Mitch and Des have no idea. Not only are Sherm and his son prime suspects, but so are the women in Hubie's life. To their surprise, Mitch and Des discover that Dorset's building inspector, a quiet widower who repaired cuckoo clocks in his little house on Lavender Lane, was secretly juggling four girlfriends at once. And then there's Gaylord Holland, a builder who had a beef of his own with Hubie. Dorset is in turmoil, and only New York City film critic Mitch Berger and Connecticut State Police Resident Trooper Des Mitry can put it back together.

This is the eleventh in David Handler's original, hilarious and charming series featuring the engaging biracial couple that fans love.
Learn more about the book and author at David Handler's website.

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