Saturday, May 22, 2021

Top ten books about depression

Alex Riley is an award-winning science writer and the author of A Cure for Darkness: The Story of Depression and How We Treat It, his first book. He received a best feature award from the Association of British Science Writers for his reporting on The Friendship Bench, a project that began in Zimbabwe in 2006 and has since provided mental health care to thousands of people in New York. A former research scientist, he has co-authored peer-reviewed scientific papers while working at the Natural History Museum in London. Since leaving academia in 2015, he began writing popular science articles for magazines such as New Scientist, PBS’s NOVA Next, BBC Future, Mosaic Science, Aeon, and Nautilus Magazine.

At the Guardian Riley tagged ten top books about depression, including:
A First-Rate Madness by Nassir Ghaemi

A welcome reminder of the potential benefits of mental illness in society. Whether it’s empathy, courage, or leadership in a crisis, the idea that people with a history of depression can perform better than people without such an experience is compelling. It’s just a shame that this book focused entirely on male leaders with mental illness. Could Ghaemi have covered the work of Jane Addams, for example, someone who battled through depression and was awarded a Nobel prize for her humanitarian work?
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--Marshal Zeringue