Saturday, May 15, 2021

Six medical nonfiction books that read like thrillers

Audrey Blake has a split personality-- because she is the creative alter ego of Regina Sirois and Jaima Fixsen, two authors who met online in a survivor style writing contest. They live 1500 miles apart, but both are prairie girls: Fixsen hails from Alberta, Canada, and Sirois from the wheatfields of Kansas. Both are addicted to history, words, and stories of redoubtable women, and agree that their friendship, better and longer lasting than any other prize, is proof that good things happen in this random, crazy universe.

Blake's new novel is The Girl in His Shadow.

At CrimeReads the authors tagged six "current non-fiction titles...every bit as gripping as the latest forensic thriller," including:
The Knife Man by Wendy Moore

Doctor John Hunter’s life and personality have to be seen to be believed. His guests never could acclimate to the skeletons, specimens, and exotic animals that filled his home and garden. Author Wendy Moore illuminates him with style and skill.
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--Marshal Zeringue