Sunday, May 02, 2021

Seven books that imagine a world without men

Christina Sweeney-Baird was born in 1993 and grew up in North London and Glasgow. She studied Law at the University of Cambridge and graduated with a First in 2015. She works as a corporate litigation lawyer in London.

The End of Men is her first novel.

At Eletric Lit Sweeney-Baird tagged "seven books that show, in some way, what a world could look like without men," including:
Outlawed by Anna North

This short, perfectly-plotted novel follows Ada as she is forced to leave her town and becomes an outlaw. Set in the 1800s, decades after a plague has killed the majority of the population, it’s a woman’s ability to bear children that determines her value and safety in this new world. Ada finds a gang of outlaws—all women and non-binary people—who have created a safe oasis for themselves outside of the confines of this dystopian world.
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The Page 69 Test: Outlawed.

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