Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top 10 books about tiny people

Conn Iggulden is a bestselling author of historical fiction for adults and co-author with his brother Hal of The Dangerous Book for Boys. His Tollins books, about the adventures of tiny creatures with wings who aren't fairies and are about as fragile as a house brick, are his first foray into children's fiction.

One of his top ten books about tiny people, as told to the Guardian:
Truckers, Diggers and Wings by Terry Pratchett

A trilogy about very small people living in the walls of a department store. With a sense of awe and wonder, they slowly discover that the world around them is greater than Haberdashery and Kitchen Appliances. As always with Pratchett, the dialogue cracks along, peppered with wit – while incidentally exploring our own ideas of reality. Pratchett is loved by millions for very good reason.
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--Marshal Zeringue