Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pg. 69: "An Alphabetical Life"

Wendy Werris is the author of An Alphabetical Life: Living It Up in the World of Books.

I asked her to apply the "page 69 test" to her book. Here's her reply, which opens with some lines from the page itself:
. . . I took to drinking a vodka tonic in the evenings and singing along with my favorite Beatles albums, which I’d stack on the turntable for a few hours’ pleasure. By bedtime my paperwork was finished, orders ready to be mailed the next day. Within a few months I felt a shift in my interpretation of the quiet, from unnerving to obliging, and began to appreciate it. This seclusion, I realized, was my natural state of being.

I had grown up in a family of independent souls, all of us, perhaps, taking our cues from my father and his long, silent retreats into his office to write. It wasn’t that solitude was encouraged or enforced, but we all seemed to acquire that tendency naturally over the course of our family life under one roof. We were all readers and usually could be found in one part of the house or another indulging in this shared but solitary pleasure. I found that a key requirement for a book rep is to resonate with the solitary life. We all spend so much time feasting on the silence of this particular choice of careers, that there must be a willingness to wear aloneness like a cloak of honor. Fortunately, I was able to assume this inner posture easily.

The underlying theme of An Alphabetical Life is that of self-discovery and how, through my love of and life-long career in books, my journey commenced and continues.

The first section of the book outlines the circumstances found in my youth that yielded such extraordinary personal results.

Page 69 highlights three important ideas that flow through the entire book: my decision to become a publishers’ sales rep, the family of readers and independent souls that I came from, and the solitary nature of my career. My father was a writer who spun jokes for a living. As a child I fell asleep each night to the sound of his manual typewriter as he worked until dawn on television scripts. This environment impacted me profoundly, although it took decades for me to reach the awareness that I had inherited a talent for writing – and finally sat down at the computer to begin An Alphabetical Life in 2003.

Because I had a parent whose career required solitude, when I began working as a publishers’ sales rep I was in the unique position to already be familiar with the interesting nature of aloneness. Unlike many other people faced with working out of their homes, it wasn’t a struggle for me to adapt to the quiet; instead, it became a gift. On a very basic level there seem to be two kinds of people that work in bookselling. There are the buyers, who have the pleasure of being surrounded by people (reps and clerks) all day long; and the sales reps, who have the equal pleasure of spending part of the day interacting with others (buyers and clerks!) and the rest working in the engaging solitude of home. It pleases me to know I chose the right path.
Many thanks to Wendy for the input.

Among the praise for An Alphabetical Life:
"The best memoirs are those in which you connect with the world by connecting with one life. An Alphabetical Life is one of those. It is a powerful and poignant book."
--Michael Connelly, author of The Closers

"For those who love the power of words and the personal value of books, An Alphabetical Life is a must read. Wendy Werris is a gifted writer -- you can actually smell the bookshelves and feel the pages. Against this rich backdrop is the tale of a remarkably courageous woman, a story of metamorphosis, a tale of passion and reflection."
--Rikki Klieman, Court TV legal analyst, attorney and author of LA Times best seller Fairy Tales Can Come True

"A profoundly moving and endlessly entertaining book where love illuminates every line - a young woman's love for writers and writing, a Sixties kid's love for her home town (Los Angeles) and, above all, a daughter's love for her father. Grips you from the first line and stays in your memory long after you have closed the final page. A quiet, brutally honest masterpiece."
--Tony Parsons, bestselling author of Man and Boy and One For My Baby
And there are more reviews and interviews at the San Francisco Chronicle and these sites.

Visit Wendy's online journal and official website.

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