Tuesday, January 09, 2007

17% of "The Dead Fathers Club" is true

Matt Haig, who recently put his novel The Dead Fathers Club to the page 69 test, claims that 17% of the book is true.

Not taking the easy way out by challenging us to guess which sixth is true, Haig actually confesses to the details, which includes:

I had to be circumcised when I was 12 and had an operation in a Victorian hospital where a stern-faced nurse gave me a disposable razor and told me to shave myself 'down there', which I did, sitting in a shallow cold bath with a crappy plastic razor yanking out the hairs. Then, after, lying to my friends and saying I'd had my appendix out and not being able to show them the scar, and all the time trying to hide the pain in my walk.
Visit "The 17% of The Dead Fathers Club that’s true" to read the rest.

--Marshal Zeringue