Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Teacher of the year

In his Telegraph column, Mark Sanderson retails a Frank McCourt anecdote:
Encounter of the year: Frank McCourt, whose memoir Teacher Man was published in paperback in September, described meeting a former student.

'He said, "Hi, Mr McCourt.'' I said, "Hi, Moose.'' He said, "You know my name?'' I said, "Yeah, Moose Kline.'' He said, "I was in your class 15 years ago!'' I said, "I know, Moose. So, how are you doing?'' He said, "I was in your writing class for a year and a half and now I'm a poet, and I'm starving. And f--- you!'''
Sanderson has a few other nuggets worth checking out, including "Worst [Book] Title of the Year."

--Marshal Zeringue