Saturday, April 08, 2023

What is Monica Wesolowska reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Monica Wesolowska, author of Elbert in the Air, illustrated by Jerome Pumphrey.

Her entry begins:
My Strange Shrinking Parents by Zeno Sworder

Not just for children, this incredible new picture book leapt from a bookstore shelf into my arms. The allegory in it is unforgettable. It begins: “It goes without saying that all children believe their parents to be strange. Mine were more unusual than most.” We soon learn why. After migrating from far-off lands (beautifully illustrated with the parents emerging from a blue-and-white china pattern) these parents have had to pay for the upkeep of their child with their height. An inch here. An inch there. As the parents shrink, the boy grows. Although there are benefits to having shrinking parents (such as more room to dance together in the kitchen!) it’s also painfully embarrassing. Incredibly, the book does not...[read on]
About Elbert in the Air, from the publisher:
A heartwarming story about unconditional love and rising above those who stand in the way of being who you are.

Shortly after he is born, Elbert floats up into the air. Before long, his mother must stand on her tip toes to reach him and toss toys into the air at playtime. While everyone in town, from the school nurse to the mayor, is full of advice for keeping her boy down, Elbert’s mother knows her son is meant to float. And so, she lets him.

But as life becomes more and more difficult for a floating boy, and people understand him less and less, Elbert has to make a decision: Stay bound to the ground or float higher in the hopes of finding the world—and community—he’s always wished for.
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Writers Read: Monica Wesolowska.

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