Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Ten of the best books that feature twins

Becky Chalsen is a film/TV development executive at the production company Sunday Night. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, and now lives in New York City. Chalsen is a quadruplet and married to her high school sweetheart — an identical twin — whose family has spent summers on Fire Island for more than three decades.

Kismet is her first novel.

At Lit Hub Chalsen tagged ten favorite books that feature twins, including:
Curtis Sittenfeld, Sisterland

In Curtis Sittenfeld’s luminous third novel, she gives her twin leads a power befitting the magic of sisterhood. I’ll never forget reading Sisterland, fervently speeding through the pages, desperate to soak up the story of identical twins Violet and Kate and their visions.

When Violet has a vision about a looming earthquake arriving in their hometown of St. Louis, she decides to go public about her abilities, warning the city but changing everything with her sister in the process. Kate is now inadvertently catapulted into the spotlight, risking the “normal” life she worked so hard to build.

I loved what the novel says about family, trust, and identity, all with Sittenfeld’s signature brilliant and charming touch.
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--Marshal Zeringue