Friday, April 07, 2023

Six top historical mysteries

Harini Nagendra, the author of The Bangalore Detectives Club series, is a Professor of Sustainability at Azim Premji University, Bangalore, India. She received an Elinor Ostrom Senior Scholar Award and a Cozzarelli Prize with Elinor Ostrom from the Proceedings of the US National Academy of Sciences for research on sustainability. She lives in Bangalore.

At CrimeReads Nagendra tagged six favorite historical mysteries, including:
After the Armistice Ball – Catriona McPherson

Dandy Gilver is a bored wife and mother. Her husband, a taciturn Scottish landowner, has just returned home after fighting in World War I, and Dandy is restless at having him afoot again. Her two young boys are at boarding school, and besides, Dandy isn’t exactly what you might call the maternal type. They may be rich in land, but they’re not exactly awash in money – so it’s no small wonder when Dandy jumps at an offer to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an invaluable set of diamonds at her friend’s ball – especially when her friend offers to pay her. But when theft turns into murder, Dandy – accompanied by her delightful sidekick Alex, fiancé of the murdered young woman – must strive uncover the truth. Dandy Gilver is a most untypical sleuth, and the entire series is a delight. McPherson is one of the most atmospheric writers around. Even though you know nothing really terrible is going to happen to the main characters, you find yourself holding your breath as you frantically race through the pages, searching for the ending. Her other mystery series – historical and contemporary – are worth a read too, as are her many stand-alone books.
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