Monday, April 10, 2023

Sam Wiebe's "Sunset and Jericho," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: Sunset and Jericho: A Wakeland Novel (Wakeland, 4) by Sam Wiebe.

The entry begins:
Since I’ve done My Book the Movie before, I’m going to apply this to my new Wakeland novel, Sunset and Jericho, using only people from my favorite film decade, the 1970s.

Dave Wakeland is a private detective and a perpetual underdog. In Sunset and Jericho, he’s after a mysterious group targeting the city’s wealthy. I’d cast Roy Scheider as Wakeland. Scheider can play a consummate professional, as in Marathon Man and The French Connection. Someone cool, tough, and unable to be rattled. He can also play someone genuinely out of their depth, as in the underrated suspense film Sorcerer.

But what makes Scheider special is he can play both at the same time. To be heroic and human, someone with great talent who’s also out of his depth, as in Jaws and All That Jazz.

Wakeland’s younger sister Kay is an important character in the book. As his protege in the PI business, Kay is someone Wakeland relies on, and also someone who offers a younger, different perspective. Kay has a…[read on]
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