Monday, December 05, 2022

What is Tessa Wegert reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Tessa Wegert, author of The Kind to Kill (A Shana Merchant Novel, 4).

Her entry begins:
A few years ago, in an effort to fit more books into my life, I started reading multiple titles at once. I now have three going at any given time and keep them scattered around the house so there’s always a book within reach. Here’s what I’m reading right now.

Mirrorland by Carole Johnstone

I’ve always been fascinated by books about identical twins, maybe because I never had a sister (not to knock my wonderful brother). In Mirrorland, LA writer Catriona returns to her childhood home in Scotland to search for her estranged twin Ellice, who disappeared while sailing but, according to Cat, may be alive and playing an elaborate cat-and-mouse game. Johnstone’s prose is just gorgeous, and her descriptions of the dark imaginary world the sisters...[read on]
About The Kind to Kill, from the publisher:
A missing tourist spells trouble for Senior Investigator Shana Merchant in this page-turning twisty mystery set in an atmospheric island community with a small-town vibe.

Former NYPD detective Shana Merchant is a skilled Senior Investigator keeping New York's beautiful Thousands Islands community safe. She's a loving partner. A strong woman. A survivor.

She's also bound by blood to a serial killer. And after months of concealing the truth from the world as she hunted Blake Bram down, her secret is finally out.

Shana just wants to get on with her life and win back her community's trust. But as Alexandria Bay fills up with tourists in advance of the annual festival known as Pirate Days, a visitor goes missing, and the case threatens to destroy not just the celebrations, but what remains of Shana's reputation.

Shana's not to blame for the killer in her family, but people are starting to whisper that she attracts trouble. That A-Bay was safer before she arrived. And as the investigation deepens, Shana starts to fear that they may be right.

Because while Bram is gone, he is far from forgotten.
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