Thursday, December 08, 2022

Top ten polar photobooks

Elizabeth White is, with Mark Brownlow, the series producer of the BBC's Frozen Planet II. She was a producer on the BBC's landmark series Blue Planet II and the first Frozen Planet series and has worked on many natural history documentaries for the BBC, including The Great British Year and The Coral Gardener.

At the Guardian White tagged ten favorite polar photobooks, including:
Penguin: A Story of Survival by Stefan Christmann

More than just a collection of beautiful photographs, Christmann tells one of the most remarkable stories of the animal kingdom – that of the emperor penguin who raises his chicks through the most hostile winter on Earth. Christmann built the body of work for this volume while overwintering at the German research base at Atka Bay. The neighbouring emperor colony, 10,000 strong, was the focus for one of the BBC Natural History Unit Dynasties films, which Christmann helped film. The images of the chicks and the huddle are particularly beautiful, along with his stories of life and survival at the end of the world.
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--Marshal Zeringue