Thursday, April 18, 2019

Ten top thrillers centered on psychology

Heather Gudenkauf's new novel is Before She Was Found.

At CrimeReads she tagged "ten masterfully told works of psychological suspense, featuring protagonists with exceptional psychological characteristics," including:
“I shut my eyes and try to sleep, but I’ve played this game before, and sleep has no intention of coming, not anytime soon. Sleep is perverse that way, abandoning you just when you need it most.”

Dedicated psychiatrist Dr. Zoe Goldman uses her talents and expertise to help her patients who contend with severe mental illness. Zoe has her own challenges to face—ADHD, a disorder that impacts both her personal and professional lives, a myriad of questions about her past and disjointed memories of a fire that destroyed her family. The first novel in a series that features Zoe, Little Black Lies gives us a protagonist who is relatable, determined and thoroughly endearing. Nightmares plague Zoe and as she tries to understand their origins she comes to realize that a very real and deadly danger is close at hand. Block continues Zoe’s story with two more novels: The Girl Without a Name and The Secret Room.
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--Marshal Zeringue