Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Five of the best books written by fictional characters

At the B&N Reads blog Molly Schoemann-McCann tagged five of the best "books that were published under the names of some famous and famously not-real individuals," including:
Snow Falling, by Jane Gloriana Villanueva

Jane the Virgin is a soap opera or telenovela in the form of a drama-tinged comedy. It’s got a wacky premise: Having never “been” with a gentleman, Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) nonetheless becomes “with child” and decides to raise said child, with her wacky family, romantic life, and career aspirations serving as a backdrop. As the series plays out, Jane, who wants to be a writer, goes to grad school, gets a Master’s in creative writing, lands a job at a publisher, and gets her romance novel, Snow Falling, into bookstores. The text itself is a fictional roman à clef, if you will, as the not-real Jane wrote something that details her own life story, as depicted on Jane the Virgin, only she changes the setting to the early 1990s instead of current times. So who actually wrote this cheeky romance novel? Caridad Piñeiro. She even provides a “blurb” on the cover, recommending Snow Falling to readers: “Jane’s novel is so much fun I wish I’d written it myself!”
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--Marshal Zeringue