Sunday, April 07, 2019

Ten books that cover the complexity of mother-daughter relationships

Christina McDonald's new novel is The Night Olivia Fell.

At The Strand Magazine she tagged her ten favorite books that cover the complexity of mother-daughter relationships, including:
Dear Daughter, Elizabeth Little

Totally different from most other commercial fiction thrillers with a complicated mother-daughter relationship, Dear Daughter has a not-very-likeable protagonist whom you really don’t know you can trust.

Rich, spoiled, obnoxious, and angry, Jane Jenkins was convicted of murdering her mother, whom she hated, ten years ago. When she’s released from jail on a technicality, Jane is hell-bent on finding out what really happened that night, because she can’t remember a thing.

This is another novel about a woman breaking free of her toxic mother, but it’s intriguing because we can’t tell if Jane is an unreliable narrator or a victim of circumstance. All we know is she really hated her mom. But enough to kill her?
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My Book, The Movie: Dear Daughter.

--Marshal Zeringue