Saturday, April 20, 2019

Six unforgettable fictional murder scenes

Jane Haseldine's newest novel is You Fit the Pattern.

At CrimeReads she tagged six unforgettable fictional murder scenes, including:
A Tap on the Window, Linwood Barclay

I get downright giddy when I know a new Linwood Barclay book is about to come out. And Barclay, the king of writing the everyday Joe lead who is put into nail-biting situations, creates one of my favorite reoccurring characters, Cal Weaver, in this gem of a mystery. Cal is mourning the recent death of his teenage son, Scott, who fell off a building to his death while high on ecstasy. Searching for answers, Cal picks up a hitchhiker who was a former classmate of Scott’s, and the private investigator’s already upended life takes another sinister turn. Cal gets put through the ringer in this story as a murder suspect, a grieving parent, and not to mention having to wrangle with a bunch of crooked cops. I was totally rooting for Cal in this book, so a surprise murder at the end left me feeling like I wanted to give the poor guy a hug.
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--Marshal Zeringue