Sunday, February 03, 2019

What is Cynthia Harrod-Eagles reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Cynthia Harrod-Eagles, author of Headlong: A Novel.

Her entry begins:
I have just finished The Adults by Caroline Hulse. I picked it up in the airport on the way to New Orleans because I liked the thesis: a divorced couple want to spend Christmas together with their 7-year-old daughter, for her sake, so they book a chalet in a holiday village for the period. But they each bring their new partner, and the daughter brings her imaginary friend, a child-sized stuffed rabbit who talks to her, Harvey-style.

The book didn’t disappoint. The writing style is unusual but easy to get along with, and the handling of the story is different because the writer looks through the eyes of each character in turn, and in the process develops the characters, their backgrounds and their present hang-ups in a satisfying way.

I particularly admired the way she wrote...[read on]
About Headlong, from the publisher:
When a literary agent is found dead under strange circumstances, DCI Slider is pressured to declare it as accidental; with many people holding grudges against the agent, Slider is sceptical. As his team delve deeper, scandalous secrets emerge leading to even more questions and an elusive woman. But who is she and is she connected to the death?
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My Book, The Movie: Headlong.

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