Monday, February 04, 2019

Jane Corry's "The Dead Ex," the movie

Featured at My Book, The Movie: The Dead Ex: A Novel by Jane Corry.

The entry begins:
Last year, My Husband’s Wife (my first book for Penguin) was optioned for television by Big Talk and Mr Mudd. So exciting! When I write, I always see the plot and characters visually, rather like a film. Lots of readers have contacted me, saying they’d love to see The Dead Ex on screen. I do hope that will happen one day! If it does, I’d love the following characters to play the leads. However, I should add a note here to say that I’m more familiar with actors of my generation than the younger ones. So I have taken that into account as you will see from below!

Vicki, the aromatherapist with a dark past: Nicole Kidman. She would give Vicki that vital combination of edginess and vulnerability.

Scarlet, the little girl who is connected in some way with Vicki (I won’t spoil the plot by revealing how!): A...[read on]
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