Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What is Ryan Kirk reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Ryan Kirk, author of Nightblade's Vengeance (Blades of the Fallen).

His entry begins:
I'm a reader who enjoys reading both nonfiction and fiction at the same time. I'm always reading at least one of each. Recently, on the fiction side, I've been reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Although I've been a fantasy fan for many years, I only picked up Wheel of Time recently. As a reader, I love the scope of the story and the incredible depth of the world. As a writer, I'm ...[read on]
About Nightblade's Vengeance, from the publisher:
In a thrilling fantasy series from the author of the Nightblade novels, revenge becomes a quest for a young female warrior.

In a feudal land, a Kingdom is at risk. With no heir to the fragile throne, its future rests with the powerful members of the dying king’s Council, including Minori, a nightblade warrior, and Kiyoshi, a dayblade healer. The two men are bound by the sword but divided by two opposing principles: rule the land, or serve it. In their challenge for supremacy, a spark has been lit.

Her name is Asa. Her creed is revenge.

A fierce nightblade warrior, she’s spent a decade in pursuit of the enigmatic general who killed her father in a violent revolt—then mysteriously vanished from all records. Now, her desire for reckoning has led her to the village of Two Falls—and straight into the heart of an impending civil war. Minori and Kiyoshi are vying for her loyalty. And Asa must choose sides.

As fresh betrayals unfold and a new uprising looms, Asa knows that chasing a ghost is no longer just a personal quest for retribution. It’s going to alter the fate of the entire Kingdom.
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Writers Read: Ryan Kirk.

--Marshal Zeringue