Saturday, October 28, 2017

Five top books featuring psychological hauntings

Sarah Porter is the author of the Lost Voices Trilogy (Lost Voices, Waking Storms, The Twice Lost) in addition to Vassa in the Night—all for the teen audience.

Her new novel is When I Cast Your Shadow.

One of Porter's five favorite books featuring psychological hauntings, as shared at
We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Ghosts as repressed memory.

Ghosts often express a trauma that circles back, that insists on making itself known to the living—but that trauma usually belongs to the ghosts themselves, and not to those they haunt. In a striking shift, the ghosts of We Were Liars, while hardly content with their fate, have accepted the horror that killed them with surprising grace and resignation. It is their surviving friend, Cadence Sinclair, who has repressed all memory of the trauma she unleashed. The ghosts, with a decidedly unghostly gentleness, lead her to a confrontation with the past they all share.
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--Marshal Zeringue