Saturday, October 28, 2017

What is Margaret Duffy reading?

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Her entry begins:
I haven’t read any fiction for a while as the following are wonderful books in which it would be criminal not to to immerse oneself.  I have been reading Peter Ackroyd’s The History of England. Right now I am on Volume Four, Revolution. This deals with events from the end of the reign of James the Second to the abdication of Napoleon. At the time, and having fled to France following the invasion of William of Orange, James didn’t think it was all over for him but it was. He had been what childrens’ history books would call A Bad King.

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About, from the publisher:
Patrick has a new desk job and seems to be out of harm's way ... but not for long.

Patrick has a new role, much to Ingrid Langley's relief. It seems like a safe desk job, but when the head of the Metropolitan Police's Commander Rolt is found barely alive, Patrick is pulled into frontline action. And when further, discoveries are made, Patrick and Ingrid are in danger yet again, hunting one of the Met's most-wanted criminals.
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