Sunday, October 08, 2017

Six of YA fiction's scariest haunted houses

Sarah Skilton is the author of Bruised, a martial arts drama for young adults; and High and Dry, a hardboiled teen mystery. At the BN Teen blog she tagged six of the scariest haunted houses in YA fiction, including:
The Devils You Know, by M.C. Atwood

A field trip to the infamous Boulder House during senior year turns deadly when five students—each with a dark secret which would destroy them if revealed—are separated from the larger group. Soon they’re fighting for their lives, but escaping the house’s clutches won’t be as easy as banding together; if they want to survive they’ll need to look inward and face the parts of themselves they don’t like. Brace yourself for jump-scares in this noteworthy debut.
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--Marshal Zeringue