Thursday, October 26, 2017

What is Carrie Jones reading?

Featured at Writers Read: Carrie Jones, author of Enhanced: Flying Series (Volume 2).

Her entry begins:
My mother always used to make fun of me for the random nature of the books I would read. I would grab a TV Guide and read through every single half-hour television program synopsis with a ridiculous amount of care and then move on to one of her steamy Danielle Steele novels before reading the John Irving that was on my stepdad’s nightstand. Apparently, not much has changed as I look at the books I’m reading today. Wait. No. There’s no TV Guide. Do they still make those?

The first book is a series of essays, How To Write Funny edited by John B Kachuba. It has essays by Sherman Alexie, Dave Barry, and Bill Bryson, among others. The first sentence of J.Kevin Wolfe’s essay, “The Six Basics of Writing,” is the one that’s resonating right now because it’s so blunt with a light twist of the unexpected in its last word.  What is that sentence? It is, “Deep inside each of us lurks...[read on]
About Enhanced, from the publisher:
The adventures of cheerleader-turned-alien-hunter Mana continue in this sequel to Flying by the New York Times bestselling author of Need, Carrie Jones.

Seventeen-year-old Mana has found and rescued her mother, but her work isn't done yet. Her mother may be out of alien hands, but she's in a coma, unable to tell anyone what she knows.

Mana is ready to take action. The only problem? Nobody will let her. Lyle, her best friend and almost-boyfriend (for a minute there, anyway), seems to want nothing to do with hunting aliens, despite his love of Doctor Who. Bestie Seppie is so desperate to stay out of it, she's actually leaving town. And her mom's hot but arrogant alien-hunting partner, China, is ignoring Mana's texts, cutting her out of the mission entirely.

They all know the alien threat won't stay quiet for long. It's up to Mana to fight her way back in.
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