Monday, October 09, 2017

Fifteen of the best political biographies & diaries

At the Guardian, Steve Richards and Gaby Hinsliff tagged fifteen of the best political biographies and diaries, including:
Lyndon Johnson by Robert Caro (1982-2001)

Never has a leader been more extensively chronicled. If Johnson has a cup of coffee while waiting for the outcome of a close vote in the senate, Caro can turn the scene into a nerve-shredding chapter. Caro is both a stylish writer and a master of detail, a fact borne out by his four-volume biography with another in the pipeline. In some respects, the contradictions that define Johnson deepen as Caro sheds unyielding light on the humane progressive, the amoral wheeler-dealer, the indefatigable campaigner who will pull any trick to win. The tireless wilfulness is the constant factor. Each volume is a political epic and there is more to come.
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Master of the Senate (vol. 3) is among Jonathan Alter's six favorite books. The Passage of Power (vol. 4) is among five top books about the civil rights movement.

--Marshal Zeringue