Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Malena Lott's "Fixer Upper," the movie

Now showing at My Book, The Movie: Fixer Upper by Malena Lott.

The entry begins:
Being married to a film critic, I get to watch a lot of movies, including small indies that don't come to the big screen or don't quite make it to Oklahoma. It makes the exercise of picking one actor per character challenging, but after some wine and thought, here's my just-right picks:

Jennifer Connelly would make an incredible MACY THOMPSON BAXTER, the protagonist in my humorous third novel, Fixer Upper, who leaves the posh life for the pastures when her husband, U.S. Senate hopeful Trevor Baxter, misses her surprise birthday party to work on his campaign instead. The dashing, debonair Trevor would be none other than cutie-patootie Greg Kinnear, who really does handsome jackass like no one else.

Back at Dust Bowl Vineyard and Winery in Wakefield, Oklahoma, we have an amazing group of women Macy can turn to as she starts renovating her life with her hot pink toolbelt, one villian and two guys who are very happy to see Macy back home.

Vintage-wearing straight-talker and baker TIFFANY (Macy's best friend): Amanda...[read on]
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Malena Lott is an award-winning writer and the author of three novels, including Dating da Vinci.  

Fixer Upper is available in the Kindle store and will soon be available at other e-retailers.

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