Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coffee with a canine: Caroline Plaisted & Cecil and Sidney

The current featured trio at Coffee with a Canine: Caroline Plaisted & Cecil and Sidney.

The author on how she and the dogs were united:
Ah – I mentioned before that I’ve had Borders for a long time now. My first was George and he was fantastic. When he was about six, he lived for a short while with an English Pointer called Henry. Sadly, Henry died of a heart attack when he was two. So George was back as a singleton for a while and then I heard that his sister had given birth to a litter – that’s when his nephew Percy came to live with us. Uncle George and Percy were great companions but then, after a tragic time during which George was bitten by an adder on the farm where we lived and nearly died, he then slipped a disk and life had to become more sedate for him. We then found he had an inoperable tumour and lost him. It’s that awful experience that only other pet owners can understand. So when Percy was about 14 months old, he was on his own. Percy was gorgeous and so handsome. When I told my breeder about losing George she announced that Percy’s mother had been mated with his father again and that, only the week before we lost George, another litter had been born. So, of course, I had to have Percy’s brother whom we named Arthur. Arthur and Percy were entirely devoted to each other – and to me! They adored each other and shared everything: a bed, a lead with coupled collars, bones (chewing opposite ends of the same one together), toys, adventures, cuddles, racing games, the space in front of the hearth, a love of life. Arthur and Percy never fell out. And then, I can feel a lump in my throat as I write this, Arthur suddenly fell ill with kidney failure. We managed to make his life better with medication and a special diet and I thought, hoped, all was OK for a few months. Then, one beautiful spring day, Arthur and Percy were racing around a field sniffing the scent of some boxing Hares that we’d seen in the field earlier. They had a great time running around being busy for about half an hour, coming back to me now and again to tell me how great it all was. And then Arthur came...[read on]
Caroline Plaisted writes mostly fiction, and mostly for children and teens. She and Cecil and Sidney live in the UK.

About her book 10 Ways to Cope with Boys:
Beth and Anna are finally sixteen,
finally have great hair,
and finally have boyfriends.

But when they take a magazine quiz about relationships, Beth find the questions rather trickier to answer than she expects. Anna seems to be having a brilliant time with her boyfriend, but obviously things aren't going so smoothly for Beth and her boyfriend, Joey. Even a trip to the London Dungeons is complete and utter torture!

It makes Beth wonder.... How much does she actually know about her boyfriend? And is a cute guy really worth all this stress?
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Coffee with a Canine: Caroline Plaisted & Cecil and Sidney.

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