Saturday, April 07, 2007

"What is Rick Kushman reading"

Rick Kushman, co-author of the new book, A Moveable Thirst: Tales and Tastes from a Season in Napa Wine Country and a nationally syndicated television columnist for the Sacramento Bee, is the writer currently featured at "Writers Read."

He confessed up front to a professional hazard that may make some readers envious:
[M]y reading habits are weird. I’ll be sitting on my couch, reading, and I'm thinking, “I ought to be watching TV right now.” It’s a freaky little life.
Then he named several books that he was reading, including:
I’m just finishing ... Four Days To Glory: Wrestling With the Soul of the American Heartland, about high school wrestling in Iowa. It’s by Mark Kreidler and it’s a joy to read for the rhythm and the writing alone. But it’s also a mesmerizing story, about sports and challenges, about Iowa grit, and about the hard, hard work that both makes champions, and that simply comes when you love something like wrestling. It brought me back to my far-less-impressive years in high school and college sports, and it reminded me of why I still go for those long, achy runs on Saturdays.
Read about Kushman's other recent reads.

--Marshal Zeringue