Sunday, April 29, 2007

"A Shot To Die For," the movie

Over at "My Book, The Movie," Libby Fischer Hellmann shares some ideas about casting the possible film adaptation of the latest volume in her award-winning amateur sleuth series featuring Chicago video producer Ellie Foreman, A Shot To Die For.

Here, from the author, are the basics of the story:
I’m a former film-maker myself, and no one was more surprised when I “came back to words” and wrote four novels. But I haven’t completely given up the ghost – my protagonist, Ellie Foreman, is a documentary film producer, and she’s always producing some sort of show in each book. In fact, I’ve often thought about who might play Ellie and the other characters in the series.

A Shot To Die For is the fourth Ellie book. In it, Ellie is at a rest stop near the resort town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where she’s producing a video when she witnesses what appears to be the work of a Chicago-area sniper. She does her best to stay out of the investigation, but when the victim's family prevails upon her to investigate, Ellie feels compelled to do what she can. That decision leads her into the twisted lives of Lake Geneva's gentry, as well as a relationship with one of the suspects that might be amorous — or dangerous.
Read on for Hellmann's casting ideas.

Read more about Libby Hellmann's novels and short stories at her website. She also blogs at "The Outfit."

The Page 69 Test: A Shot To Die For.

--Marshal Zeringue