Sunday, April 22, 2007

The 25th anniversary of the Falklands War

In April of 1982, Argentine President General Galtieri announced the invasion of South Georgia, a remote island off the Falklands Islands. Three days later Prime Minister Thatcher dispatched a task force to the South Atlantic.

A ten-week war followed. The conflict has already spawned 3,500 books ... with more on the way. The author of a couple of those books, Hugh McManners, has an essay in the London Times about that pile of books.

Also in the Times, Falklands veteran "Chip" Chapman named his top six military books.

One of this picks:

The Art of Maneuver by Robert Leonhard

War remains an art, not a science.

Read about another title from Chapman's list that was made into an Academy Award-winning film.

--Marshal Zeringue