Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sylvia Warsh's novels as movies

The current feature at "My Book, The Movie" has author Sylvia Warsh developing casting ideas for her three Dr. Rebecca Temple mysteries, Season of Iron, Find Me Again, and To Die in Spring.

Warsh's contribution opens:
As much as I fantasize about a movie from one of my Dr. Rebecca Temple books, the reality is that they would be very expensive to translate into film. They’re not only set in 1979 Toronto, they tend to include stories from other historical eras, particularly the 2nd World War. In my latest, Season of Iron, the book follows two stories — Rebecca in 1979, and Frederika Eisenbaum in 1930s Berlin during the Nazi era. That’s not as complicated (read expensive to produce) as my second book, Find Me Again which won an Edgar. In it, Rebecca finds an historical manuscript about Catherine the Great that sweeps back to 18th century London, Warsaw, and St. Petersburg. Not that it would be impossible to do. They filmed War and Peace, right?
Read on to see who Warsh has in mind for film versions of Rebecca and other characters.

Visit Sylvia Warsh's website and read excerpts from all three novels.

--Marshal Zeringue